Virginia Cancer Specialists (VCS) Research Facility, Virginia, United States of America

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Virginia Cancer Specialists (VCS) opened a phase I clinical research facility in Fairfax, Northern Virginia, US, in June 2017.

The new state-of-the-art facility will provide the space and equipment required to carry out early-stage drug development and advanced cancer trial programmes.

VCS is capable of offering a higher number of clinical trials compared to other facilities in the region.

It also facilitates access to a vast number of emerging treatment options to patients, which are not yet approved by the US FDA.

The new facility will enhance VCS' cancer research programme by improving its overall phase I clinical capabilities.

VCS's phase I clinical research facility details

The clinical facility has total floor space of 4,000ft² and includes four treatment chairs equipped with special heating and massage features.

The site's design provides a comfortable and peaceful environment, while enabling communication and bonding among patients.

Each of the facility's treatment areas can be closed with curtains to offer private space for the patients.

The phase I clinical trials protocols often require patients to be present on site for more than 12 hours, and the facility has provision to accommodate the resident's family members and caregivers accordingly.

It includes a committed team of experts such as physicians, data coordinators, nurses and clinical research coordinators that are trained in clinical research among its staff.

Additionally, the facility contains a number of pharmacists who can ensure strict adherence to testing standards, and offer specialised nursing services round-the-clock to monitor the patients.

Phase I clinical trials at the facility

VCS established the new phase I clinical facility to realise its long-term objective of transforming the site into an Immuno-Oncology Centre of Excellence.

The company notes that phase I clinical trials are usually only available at large academic research centres, and very few companies can offer phase I services during the initial stages of drug development.

"The new state-of-the-art facility will provide the space and equipment required to carry out early-stage drug development and advanced cancer trial programmes."

The new facility will enable VCS to focus on investigational immuno-oncology (I-O) trials, while providing patients with access to promising new therapies.

I-O therapies are the latest advancement in cancer research and have proven tolerability and strong responses after the completion of treatment in the cancer community.

Marketing commentary on VCS

VCS is a cancer care and research centre based in Northern Virginia and has been carrying out phase I clinical trials since 2013.

It has also been offering the most advanced cancer treatment facilities to patients for more than 40 years.

The research centre has a total of nine offices across Northern Virginia, which offer the latest treatment technology to help achieve the best outcomes for patients.

It also has a number of cancer specialists, including oncologists, haematologists, oncology nurses, and oncology pharmacists.

The addition of the new facility further enhances the VCS' ability to provide novel early-stage studies, while also allowing the company to carry out ground-breaking trials and focus on promising new advancements such as immunotherapy.